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Steel C Purlins

What are C Purlins

Purlins are a horizontal structural membrane in a roof. It helps to supporting roof loads and are usually properly supported by the building wall. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, we offer Purlins in various specifications, depending upon your bespoke requirements.

The plane surface of this purling on one side has made it a preferred material for cladding due to being able to be easily installed on steel or concrete structures. Our range of lightweight purlins are perfect if you want simple construction at a low-cost.

C Purlins are tough and reliable, thus making them ideal for verandas, industrial buildings, and garages. Purlins can also be used wherever steel framing is needed. It offers flexibility in selecting designs, therefore allowing customers numerous design options. C-purlins are basic, lightweight and easy to install. This makes them suitable for many roofing applications as well as in walls and floor joists. The simple shape of C Purlins makes them quite versatile, and they can be used in many applications and locations on your structure.

What are the advantages of C Purlins?

  • Able to span long lengths
  • Easier to handle install than others
  • Fast to erect
  • Clear dimensions and a straight finish
  • Extremely durable, versatile and consistent quality
  • No side drilling or cutting is needed
  • Cheap to transport thanks to lower weight

What can C Purlins be used for?

These purlins are extensively used in larger roofing platforms, factory, workshops and many industrial sheds. As well as these use cases, our C purlins can also be used for door framing, roof trimming, window trimming, parapet rails and side rails.

Why are C Purlins so popular?

The purlins are becoming increasingly popular. Available in many different shapes and sizes, the main advantage of using C purlins is that your roof coverings can be given various distinct shapes and designs. By using C purlins, it completely becomes your choice whether you want your roof to have a flat look, cone shaped or pitched look.

C Purlins are considered the perfect material to cover your open space gracefully and stylishly. They are chosen keeping in view the required loading of a building. You can choose the purlin sizes and shapes just according to the structure and look of your building. Make your building look as attractive as you want by the prolific use of purlins.

We manufacture a complete range of structural C and Z section purlins for a range of applications. Made from quality, high strength galvanized steel, C purlins can be supplied in a plain or punched style. Whether you wish to install them yourself or require some help, you can count on us to deliver. For more information about C Purlins, please feel free to contact us today for pricing and further details.